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At DigiLoan, LLC we loan money on domains. If you have domains as collateral and want to borrow money on domains, you are in the rightplace.

Years ago we started DigiPawn and became the first company to provide financing for individuals and companies that wanted to use their domain portfolio as collateral. DigiPawn is still growing and doing well but we realized we needed to do more to reach a certain segment of the market.

DigiLoan is born. While DigiPawn is for short-term cash-advances (typically 30-90 days), DigiLoan is for those customers that want to take the much slower approach and need the money much longer. DigiLoan deals generally take 3, 4, or 5 years. Another important difference is that DigiPawn deals are interest only, DigiLoan deals are interest and principal. Of course, you can buy down your principal as often as you would like, without penalty.

Now, due to the current state of the financial markets we are very picky on which deals we take. Please keep that in mind when applying.

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